I just turned in my grades for the Spring semester and for the first time in three years won't be teaching in the Fall. Six semesters of commuting between Philadelphia and Baltimore two days each week finally took their toll. I'm excited to be able to put all of my energy solely into my freelance illustration work again, but I'll definitely miss my students and the safety net of those regular paychecks. With the economy as it is, this was the probably the worst possible time to make this decision, but I've been in this position before and know I can by with just my illustration work again. Have you ever gotten rid of a "safety net" in your work or personal life? Do you find it thrilling or scary? I'm absolutely feeling a mix of both.

P.s. - A friend gave me some miniature sunflower seeds last week. That's what they look like as of today. I can't wait to plant them in larger planters on our roof and see them bloom!

Spring = New Growth

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