Looking for a house has been kind of trying lately. I feel like Goldilocks. Every place so far has been too tiny, or too expensive, or too far away. We're not expecting perfection, but nothing has felt quite right yet. In the meantime, I've started to appreciate our apartment more. And, no, our apartment looks nothing like the photo above. But it does have high ceilings, lots of light, and is cheap (for the area). We haven't given up, though. We just need to regroup a little bit.

Photo by Maxime Ballesteros via Lolita

House Hunting

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  1. i know, i think house hunting whether to buy or rent would be so daunting, i'm not sure what i want even exists in my price range. our current apt has so many advantages, which is why i'm hesitant to give it up. good luck with your search!

  2. thanks! there's part of me that thinks another couple of years in our apartment wouldn't really be so bad for us. houses are such a big responsibity....but mortgage rates are so low right now...and there's a really nice tax credit if we buy this year...we'll just have to see what happens, I guess.


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