Do you have any fun Memorial Day plans? Tomorrow night, Jesse and I are dusting off our scrunch socks and slap bracelets to attend a friend's 29th birthday at a roller rink in Northeast Philly. I know it's going to turn into a night of bruised knees and butts, but I still can't wait. After all, I'll finally have someone to "couple skate" with - how dreamy!

If you're bored, here are a couple of fun posts to check out:

The super fun science experiments that Katie made for her kid's school fundraiser.

Urban Unicorns via Whorange.

Sandra's gorgeous photos of Berlin make me want to take a trip right now.

The brilliant opening sequence of The Brother's Bloom (I can't wait to see it again!), narrated by Ricky Jay (who also narrated the fantastic opening sequence in Magnolia, probably my favorite part of that film). Also Rachel Weisz's slight of hand.

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

photo of Miss Theresa Townsend + Miss Joan Hamilton rollerskating on the roof of the Roosevelt Hotel in Manhattan from here.

Have a Silly Weekend!

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