I just found a new website that I absolutely adore - BackGarage. Its tagline is: Design First. Second Hand. It perfectly mirrors my own mid-century-modern-on-a-budget cravings. I especially dig these two posts featuring Brad and Sarah's home tour.


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  1. My mouth just fell open when I saw this. I just bought those chairs, in those EXACT COLORS, at a yard sale this weekend (for a buck each), and that couch is almost identical to my new-to-me couch. I've been hemming and hawing over what to do with the chairs in the new apt. I like the look of them with the dining table, and have seen that lots of other places, but I wonder if I'd miss something that can be dressed up. Do I want to sit on fiberglass at Thanksgiving? Was also considering painting them-- maybe an eggshell, and then sealing the heck out of it? I've been leaning towards a stainless steel workspace for a table in the kitchen, and then having a small "regular" dining table in the LR. Will be taking advice.

  2. that's so awesome. i'm jealous of your couch before i've even seen it. whenever we settle into a house, my first purchase will be a similar couch with clean lines. and great deal finding those chairs for a buck each! i love anything in eggshell blue, but i have no idea how easily fiberglass takes paint. and i think they'd look great with a dining room table, but i'm not a very formal person. i can't wait to see how you end up setting up your new place once you've moved!


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