Do you ever make little goals for yourself at the beginning of each season? I always make a couple, 'cause then even if I just end up completing one, I feel like I've accomplished something. Last Christmas one of the items on my to-do list was to start this blog, so yay for that. This Spring/Summer, I want to:

1. Learn how to ride a bike in the city. I know how to ride a bike, but I've always been too scared to ride in Philly. I don't like being scared of things, so I want to learn how to do this. (image by The Sartorialist)

2. Sew a dress. I used to sew a little off-and-on and am constantly modifying my store-bought clothes, but haven't made a whole article of clothing in years. I'd really like to try again with a simple shift dress. Maybe a mix between the top two above (Sarah Seven dress on the left, and a J.Crew on the right). If that becomes too difficult, maybe I'll make my own version of this Kate Spade shirt instead.

3. Improve my Spanish. I want to learn French soon, but I promised myself that I'd polish up my used-to-be-good Spanish first. I think I'll try to listen to some free Spanish/English podcasts and see if that helps. Or, ya know, I could always go back to the basics with these cute bilingual flash cards for kids ($12 from Buy Olympia).

Do you ever make seasonal goals for yourself? How ya coming on those New Years Resolutions?

To Do This Summer

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  1. i should check up on my resolutions, thanks for the reminder...

    sewing a dress is totally on my summer to do list. and i'm all for the biking! i don't know what biking is like in philly, but i hope it works out for you. another one of my summer goals is to bike to work at least once a week.

  2. Philly's good and bad for bikers - some parts of the city have bike lanes, but other parts have really aggressive cabbies and buses. Also, some of the hard-core bikers can be kind of cult-like, which has always turned me off. I just want to be a helmut-wearing nerd who can choose whether to bike or walk to errands instead of always having to walk.

  3. Hey Deanna! Just found your blog in a roundabout wedding-bloggy way -- it looks awesome! I've added it to my reader. I actually wanted to know about y'all's kickass guest book for your wedding. Did you just scan in those ticket stubs and incorporate them as photos when you were making the book? I couldn't tell from the pictures. Anyway, it's totally awesome and going on my list of supercool things to attempt for my wedding. (Fortunately I've got more than a year at this point.)

    As for summer resolutions, I'll be diving back into voice lessons (I studied music in college but have let my private study lapse a bit) and am learning how to letterpress! I love it when my choirs die down for the summer and leave me with all these free evenings...

  4. thanks kathleen! about our guestbook - we used double-sided tape to arrange all of the ticket stubs on a white sheet of paper and then scanned them in all at once. There were a few bumps and shadows from the paper in the image, but we cleaned those up using photoshop so the tickets would look like they're floating on the page. We imported each ticket page as one large image. i hope that helps and good luck with your wedding planning!

    p.s. - voice and letterpress lessons sound like great summer resolutions!

  5. I love your list. Very inspiring. I'm with you on #1. I'm simultaneously desperate to and deathly afraid of bike riding in NYC.


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