Jesse got his first gray hair this weekend. It was actually a brilliant white color. I wouldn't mind if he started to go gray early, cause a few patches of gray can look kind of distinguished, but I just hope that it wasn't induced by stress.

This has been our year of big-adult-decisions and I think sometimes we get so wrapped up in trying to figure everything out that we forget to have fun. So I'm instating a new rule around our house - a couple of weekend days each month are now solely devoted to leisure. No house hunting (even online), no talk of babies or any of the other things weighing on our minds, just relaxation or silly adventures like we used to have. We're starting the adventuring this weekend. I'll tell you all about it on Monday.

p.s. - Yes, I saved Jesse's first white hair. I don't know why. I don't plan to create a Jesse clone out of it or anything like that, I just like collecting artifacts of people sometimes. The first year we started dating I asked him if I could save some of his fingernails, which I still have stored away in a tiny zip lock bag, so he's very used to my inherent creepiness.

Signs of Aging

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