...it really wasn't planned, I just like circus imagery. But, I don't want a themed home, so I think I'll have to pay attention and make sure not to go over the top with it. At least for now it seems like it's mainly been contained to the kitchen.

Paper garland that we made for our wedding, strung across a nook in our kitchen.

Another shelf in our kitchen where we display a lot of random odds and ends. Jesse was given this clown stress toy by a friend of his.

A vintage silk-screened poster that we bought for $5 at a flea market.

Our apartment seems to be developing a Circus Theme...

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  1. it doesn't seem too over the top, the white walls are balancing it out. i love that you saved your garland to hang in your home.

  2. thanks! i think i'm still going to put a moratorium on buying anything else with any sort of circus imagery...at least for a little while. and i'm really happy that we have a kept a few items from the wedding to spread out all over our house - little things like vases we used in our centerpieces, the garland, our cake stand, and a couple of fabric birds that i made for our centerpieces. they don't scream "wedding" and no one else would know they were from our wedding day, but every time i see them, they bring back good memories.


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