Saturday is my friend, Lara's, birthday, so here's a quick shout out to her on the blog 'cause I know that she quietly reads it from time to time. A few reasons why she's so awesome:

1. She's a talented interior architect & designer.

2. She's the person to go to if you need to spill your guts out over coffee.

4. She was my freshman college roommate and has managed to not hold any of my personality disorders from that year against me.

5. Even though she doesn't like having her photo taken, she agreed to sit in a photo booth with me (she kind of had to say yes, though, because it was my birthday).

There are many others, too, but this is a simple little blog so I won't go into them all. Hope you have a happy 27th, dear, even though you left us for Chicago!

p.s. - I was feeling crafty, so I made her a card, but I'll wait to post it until Monday in case she reads this before it arrives. I'm usually pretty terrible at remembering birthdays and sending cards, but this one was fun, so I'm going to try to be better about it this year.

Happy Birthday, Lara!

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