I forgot to post the birthday card I made for my friend, Lara, yesterday, so here it is today. It arrived on time and I think she liked it.

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It was a really quick, but fun project. The drawing probably looks familiar because it's just a photo-shopped image from my sketchbook and that I printed on card stock. I used my alphabet stamps for the interior text and the envelope was one that we had on hand. I love how envelope liners make everything look a little classier, so I made this simple one by drawing a swiss dot pattern on computer paper with a silver sharpie, cut it to fit, and glued it in with a glue stick and voila - birthday card!

I haven't designed anything like this since making our wedding invitations and save-the-dates, but I find the process so satisfying. I guess it just means that I'll have to start remembering all of our family and friends birthdays much better than I used to.

Birthday Card

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  1. Oh, very nice! I need to break out my card-kit more often. I know what you mean by how satisfying it is :)

  2. Deana, great to virtually "meet" you :). You are adorable. Love this card and your taste as well.

  3. thanks so much, both of you!

  4. Lovely card!! Who wouldn't love to receive this in the mail? And I LOVED your invitations!!


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