Jesse woke up with a bad cold yesterday and I got to play nursemaid, but today both the nurse and the patient are sick. I really should have been more strict about our doctor/patient relationship. So, for now, I'll have to leave you with a couple of entertaining posts from other amazing blogs while I retreat back to my nest of warm blankets with my NyQuil and cup of tea.

Nina Simone's music put to type is Feeling Good (via Black Eiffel)

Robert Mapplethorpe's little brother, Ed, is the best baby photographer ever (via The Year in Pictures)

Vintage prep school photos from the LIFE archive (via A Continuous Lean)

Travel around the world in 80 Books (
via The Penguin Blog)

Top 10 Tips for selling on Etsy (via Every Little Thing)

Photo from Godard's film Vivre Sa Vie...oh Anna Karina, you're such a French New Wave beauty.

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