I commute to Baltimore once a week for my other job (I teach two illustration classes at an art school). I've been doing this for a couple of years now and have become very well acquainted with Amtrak's regional rail line. I love teaching my classes and don't mind the ride down, but still always dread Thursday morning because it means I'll be spending that night in sterile teacher housing and not in my warm, cozy bed next to Jesse.

Last Thursday started with the same routine as usual, but when I boarded the train and flipped down the tray table in front of my seat, I was met with a surprise - two stickers printed with the faces of disney princesses! Jasmine shouted "Wonderful!" and Ariel cheered "Good work!". And as grumpy as I'd been just a few seconds before, I couldn't help but smile. I thought about peeling these forgotten treasures off and sticking them in my sketchbook, but decided it'd be better to leave them be so as not to rob the next passenger of the same tiny ray of sunshine in their day. I hope they got as much of a kick of it as I did.

A thank you to the previous little passenger in my train seat.

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