Lately, we've been trying to siphon most of our extra cash into our house down payment fund. This development has turned my shopping sprees (yeah, I go on them too, but since I'm cheap, copious sales are usually involved) into window shopping sprees. And where's the easiest place to window shop? Etsy!

Here are few of the etsy shops that have robbed me of my precious time lately:

Alicia Bock photography: If you're looking for affordable, vintage-looking photography to grace your walls, this is the place.

Alyoisius: Beautiful silkscreen posters ranging from $10-$100.

Tiny Whales: I came this close to buying this adorable, and affordable fawn pillow for our couch, and even contacted the seller for its dimensions (9" x 14"), but Jesse claimed "bambi" would make our living room too girly. They also sell a yellow hoglet version if that's more your speed. The rest of the shop is full of equally adorable baby items.

Sarah Seven: Her custom-made dresses remind me of lemon meringue confections. In my dreams, I buy at least three.

Natural Home: Excellent vintage luggage, cameras, and other ephemera for the home. Can you imagine typing on this powder blue typewriter while wearing that pistachio colored Sarah Seven dress above? I'm imagining that right now and it feels divine.

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  1. i especially like that yellow dress. it really makes me want to learn how to sew.

  2. i know what you mean. I can sew small, easy things, but I don't trust myself with ruffly dresses yet. maybe someday...


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