Do you have any fun plans? I'd love to be whisked away on a stylish road trip, but will probably end up cleaning and finishing up a couple of illustration assignments instead. And of course we may venture to a few more open houses. The ones we looked at last weekend were tiny...eek...I hope that's not all that we can afford in Philadelphia...

Oh, I just discovered this blog earlier in the week when Joanna spotlighted it and have been reading it daily ever since. The author's so open and honest in his writing and I'm at the age where anything having to do with pregnancy intrigues me (his wife is expecting), plus I can understand a lot of his work struggles as a fellow freelancer (he's a fantastic photographer). So, if that interests you at all, check it out if you haven't already.

(Image from Vogue US 2008 via The Daria Files)

Have a Glamorous Weekend!

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  1. If you like his blog, you might also like this website:
    I'm pretty far from that point in my life but it's still a really inspiring website, and their interviews are especially refreshing during this time in the world.

  2. How cool to find a blog by a guy. I feel like this land of blogging is highly ran by the ladies. This post made me think of your wedding:

  3. Taylor: Thanks for the link! I love reading about other people's experiences as parents. Even though we're a couple of years away from having children, and are both still a little on the fence about whether we want to at all, it's something that's definitely on my mind a lot right now.

    Anela: When I opened the link my mouth dropped! I love that inspiration board (of course)! It's the exact same mood and such a similar color scheme as our wedding. I had so much fun with it, I wish I could plan spring - themed parties all the time. Thanks for showing me!

  4. I found that website this week, too, and have been fascinated by it! I haven't had time to read the posts in-depth yet, but it's on my to-read list.

  5. i know, it's popping up everywhere. i hope you get a chance to read it a little more - the posts can be really moving.


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