I'm sorry that I've been ignoring my poor blog for the last two days. Here's a lovely photo of Audrey Hepburn to appease you, because nobody can be upset when they're looking at Audrey, right? Things have just been crazy busy lately with spring cleaning and taxes on top of regular work. I'll be back to my regular posts on Wednesday and then I'll tell you all about a furniture refinishing project Jesse and I worked on over the weekend (we got in way over our head), the funny surprise that greeted me on an amtrak train ride last week, and maybe I'll put up a few more sketchbook pages.

By the way, Moon was really good! It had some parts that reminded me of 2001: A Space Odyssey (mostly design-wise) and other parts that reminded me of a little indie film from 2004 called Primer (a really intelligent, but simple plot, and just a few main characters), while still feeling very unique. And Sam Rockwell's he-acts-well-in-every- movie-I've-seen-him-in streak is still going strong.

Be Back Soon

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