The Ben Kweller show on Friday was fantastic - he even ended it with a cartwheel across the stage. The chandeliers strung across the ceiling of the TLA added an extra twinkle of magic (above).

I spent the New York trip huddled up with two longtime friends who I hadn't seen in months, talking about everything from the state of the economy to the brilliance of domino's book of decorating. I also ate the best slice of pizza my mouth has had the privilege of tasting from Artichoke at 3:30 AM like a rock star and walked the nicest german shephard in the world. What more could a girl ask for?

But, all fairytale weekends must come to an end. Philadelphia is a blanket of snow with more flurries swirling outside my window as I type this and I have work to catch up on. This chrystal carriage has officially turned back into a pumpkin.

Back to reality

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