I bought my second ebay purchase ever last week - a pair of brown, vintage leather riding boots!

I have a black pair that I found at a vintage shop in Philly last year and I live in them during the winter, so I figured it was time for a little variety. I'm usually too impatient for ebay, and I always get outbid, but I'd been looking for a pair all winter in the shops around me with no luck. All of the new ones I liked were at least a $100 or more and the vintage shops were always sold out. These Etienne Aigners ended up costing $45, including shipping, and fit perfectly. Yay for Ebay!

Do you ever shop on ebay? What's the best treasure you've found?

**The first purchase I ever bought off ebay was a booklet of cheap vintage stamps. It's the only item I've ever lost in my own apartment (this was during wedding d.i.y. craziness). I don't plan on losing these.

These boots are made for walking

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  1. So far, my best EBay purchases have been decor items for my wedding. I have purchased lots of vintage mason jars for centerpieces. They are absolutely beautiful and I have been getting them super cheap. Wooohooo!

  2. i definitely trolled ebay when we were collecting glass bottles for our wedding centerpieces, but i was always afraid with my luck they would break during shipping. i'm so glad yours have all arrived safely!

  3. Are they a size 6 because they would look smashing on my feet.

    I'm an ebay addict from way back, so much so I've bitten the bug and said goodbye to ebay, it's all about control. Ahhh..the bargains!!

  4. They're a size 6.5 actually! I know what you mean about the bug, though. Every time I think of something I want to buy online, I automatically check ebay first! This could get very dangerous.


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