This past weekend, Jesse and I ventured out to the Punk Rock Flea Market held at the Electric Factory in Philly. This event happens several times a year, but we've always been too lazy to attend. It cost $3 to enter, there were long lines, crowds that rivaled a mosh pit and bad lighting, but we still had a fun time. The energy was lively and there were plenty of hipster kids to silently make fun of. Better still, I scored a sweet set of miniature alphabet stamps (all 26 letter + several punctuation marks) and some cozy mittens for just $2 each. Rad.

p.s. - If your stamp pad runs out, or you didn't own one to begin with like me, you can color the tips of your stamps with markers in a pinch. maybe everyone else knew this, but I just figured it out!

Punk rock goodness

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  1. i had to drip some water on mine and smoosh it around while i was making valetines, but markers would give me so many color options!


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