Last week, I got one of the most unbelievable e-mails ever. A random guy in Baltimore, named Curt, had tattooed one of my illustrations onto his shoulder! How crazy is that. My drawing is staying on his skin forever...or at least until he decides to go through the painful process of getting it removed. I don't think I've ever felt so honored before.

I created this drawing back in 2006, I think, for the Baltimore Citypaper, as part of a series to go along with their weekly horoscope section. Curt tore it out and carried it around in his wallet for two years before finally getting it inked. I'm still pretty speechless. It's random things like this that remind me how much I really love being an illustrator.

(Curt was tattooed by Hunter Spanks of Saints and Sinners Tattoo in Fells Point)

Okay, this is pretty crazy awesome..

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  1. Hi! I recently found your blog and I'm really enjoying it.

    Anyway...this story completely reminds me of the short story "Skin" by Roald Dahl, without the macabre, darkly humorous ending. :-)

  2. thanks! i'm glad you found my blog. i love roald dahl so much, but have never read "skin". i'll have to find a copy!


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