I get to be a bridesmaid in my dear friend, Lara's, wedding this October and she just gave me my first assignment! It's actually very fun, and not much work at all - she asked each of us to send her an image that we feel represents our personality (it can be a photo, pattern, flower, etc). I should clue you in to the fact that Lara and I first met art school and she's a very visual, creative person. I'm not sure what her plans are for our images, but I still thoroughly enjoyed the task!

Here's what I sent...and yes, there's more than one, because being indecisive is VERY MUCH part of my personality.

a little retro, a little nerdy...

...a little silly and eccentric...

...and somewhat odd.

If you were given the same task, what sort of imagery would you pick to best describe yourself and why? Put a link in the comments section below! Would your images show how you really are or how you'd like to be? I must admit, I'm not nearly as sophisticated or glamorous as my photos:)

Top Image: Kate Spade via Black Eiffel


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  1. Nobody left you a comment?? Is that possible? I love reading your blog and assume many others do too! So I just read this post and despite being months late would like to answer it because I love the idea and wanted to try it.

    I couldn't post pics in here so I added it to me own blog :)


    Happy blogging!


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