Over the weekend, I watched this movie for the first time. It was seriously one of the best movies I've ever seen.
Don't let the black and white film dissuade you. Even Jesse, who isn't the biggest fan of older movies, really enjoyed it. I would put up the trailer, but I don't think it does it justice, so here's a short clip instead:

And some fun trivia:

-The Apartment swept the academy awards in 1961 (won best movie, director, screenplay, art direction, and editing).

-There is a scene in this movie (another one of my favorites) that is a direct tribute to The Apartment, as it is one of Cameron Crowe's favorite movies. I don't want to give away too much, but it's the scene with the Stevie Wonder song, "My Cherie Amore", playing in the background.

The Apartment

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